George Orwell: 1984 (1949)


I had wanted to read Orwell for a while, but I think what really made me go for it was someone’s meme on Facebook that said that they had moved the book from fiction to reality. I was curious to see what could have caused that.. and also, I just happened to see that the English literature was really cheap in London airport, so treated myself to a couple of books!

I quite liked the book to begin with because I was curious to see how everything would be fixed, and to know more about how things were made to work in this communistic world. At times it also got a little dull with the everyday doings of the protagonist which did not seem to lead anywhere. Winston Smith, in describing his frustrations with the world which seemed almost impossible to find a solution to if not for a revolution often seemed really irrational, which made me upset in my thinking that sometimes he really just risked too much, but then again, I would not know what my mental state would be if I had to live like this in a world that strange and unfair.

The concept was interesting – making people not feel emotional about anything, and making the language a lot easier, changing the past and constantly being at war. When Winston and Julia read “The Book” explaining the system, the ideas seemed almost brilliant to control people and to maintain the world in the order, and I really thought there would be some sort of a way out of this by starting the revolution with the proles.

The torturing process in the Ministry of Love and the examination of how a person can be destroyed was also interesting but I must say I was so disapointted with the end result which showed that Winston had been turned into a vegetable like everyone else. In a way, it was bliss, of course, because being intelligent and trying to fight the system was tormenting and tiring, if not impossible, so for Winston it would have been the best to just go with the flow.. Ignorance is bliss, as they would say. Then again, from an intelligent mind, this is so troubling and paining, that people prefer to go the easy way because it is more convenient, and less troublesome than fighting the system and going against the flow. Just shows how human nature is in the end though, and how your complex mental state can be totally broken and turned into a limp useless organ working for the collective being.


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