George Orwell: Animal farm (1945)

I had a flashback to 1984 (another book by Orwell, not the year!) when I read this book. The development of power relations and communism, lies and twisting of the truth (alternative facts!).

The book is so reflective of human stupidity and instincts that it kind of made me sad. You recognise the ways in which some people are able to see an opporunity to take power, and the tactics to keep themselves in power. In the end, it is still the lowest class or the ones suffering the most who empower the people by blindly following them and not questioning the decisions. In the book, it was pointed out that some animals were just too stupid to even learn the alphabet past the letter B, and this was an easy way to just state whatever the more clever animals wanted.

Propaganda, finding a common enemy, erasing the past or twisting the facts to the benefit of the pigs – all worked miracles to keep the animals oberying the elite.

I felt really sorry for the personality type that the horse Boxer was presenting. The most hard-working, loyal and useful of all animals who was in the end sent to the slaughterhouse. This proves that even if you follow the system blindly and do everything in your power, you will be used, and you cannot get anything out of it. The only way out is rebelling or manipulation on a higher level.

The Windmill war in the farm really reflected on what I imagine motivated the soldiers to fight during world wars. Nothing is actually won, and the war has created great loss but the big celebrations give a feeling as if something great had happened.


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